Era Online

Server/Client Rebuild has begun! - VB6 Client/Server Still Offline

23rd Feb, 2024

To quote a post from the year 2000 "Welcome to the brand new Era Online website! We here at Fantasia Studios hope you enjoy the change as much as we do." It has been 23 years since that was posted on this actual website. Since then, there have been a few Era Online servers running on and off. It was once a 3D attempt by myself and an old friend, but we were too young to push it to completion. But since then, doing various projects over the years, I decided to reform the iconic Fantasia Studios within the UK and put Era Online back to it and my other own projects I do in the future.
I have recovered this website from the internet for its retro feel and look, which I remember this game for.

Classic Build

The VB6 version has been compiled and run, but had to force it to slow down quite a lot as the game runs far too quickly. Other massive tweaks I need to do are edit the GUI; the main form was actually one image with buttons on top so the graphic wants just editing to allow for modern screens.

New Build

So taking the game's existing graphics, sound, maps we are looking at remaking within Game Maker, which is a good choice for 2D games such as Era Online.
If any of you are following my forum you'll see random posts of how it looks running within Game Maker.

Demo/Go back in time

Here is a HTML5 build around a certain map. I'll add map select for folk to travel through there memorys, Its missing alot of graphics as Ive not combined/imported them yet. This the orgional maps! bar a pixel or two out of place. Ive stuck some random music from the game to! EO Demo

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