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Greetings! I google "Era Online" every once in a while to see if I can find the source to try and make a shard.
Of course its always just a shot in the dark for Nostalgia's sake. However, I find your board here.
I hope whatever you do, you do well, I'd love to see a shard up and going, however, I think it's
a bit more modern to make a discord server around this. Hopefully, more veteran players will find what project you are
working on, and can assist in some way. For any vets, I played LordSmokey or Daad, in the war clan Higher Anarchy.
Anyways to any who read this, take care!
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Re: Hello!

Post by Makar »

The VB6 source is out there and will still compile and run but i recommend you look at the FPS rate i had to modify it only slightly to slow the game down, the characters use to zoom across the map :lol:

Im slowly just adjusting Erlin + Team old client to display bit better on modern sized monitors and enlarged the game window to suite, the fun bit is the main form was actually a massive image with clickable boxes put over the buttons lol.

So ive started slicing up the image but trying to keep it looking good and enlarging the game window to suite, only snag is is you get weird pattern at end of map which giving the ORE engines it based of age is to be expected
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