Trading is something everyone will do sometime. If you will center on
being a trader and make money by buying low/selling high then concentrate
on getting your Merchant skill highest. Trading with a NPC is simple, target 
the NPC and then type /TRADE which will bring up a trading window. Here you
can sell and buy. Very self explanatory. If you got less than 70 in Merchant skill,
you are most likely to buy high and sell low. NPC`s can be very strict on the 
prices ! It will pop up in the middle of the window how much they will give for your
item or how much they will take for an item you want to buy.

Trading with players is simple too. We currently do not have a trading system 
like Ultima Online. When you want to buy something from another player, go
into your character sheet and click DROP GOLD under the gold information and
then type in how much to drop and it will appear on ground. The other player must
drop his item and the other player pick up your gold and you pick up the item.
Lets say you picked up gold from the ground, you cannot use it yet. First you will
have to right click the gold in your inventory and select USE, then your character
will put the gold in the gold pouch.