Reputation can be vital. We are still working on this to get it top notch. 
There are currently three reputation groups; Underworld, Nobles and Common 
People. There is a Overall factor too which actually decide what your title will
be for example The Hated, The Respected, The Scum, Lady, Lord etc. 
The other three factors decide how the people in those groups will treat you.
Criminals may treat you badly if you have a bad underworld reputation for
example and nobles will not want to talk to people with underworld reputation.

All players start out with 500 in overall reputation and 0 in the other ones.
500 overall reputation is entural. If you go bellow this amount you will go over to
the negative side and if you got up you will go up the positive way. Here is a list
over what titles there is and what overall reputation you need to get them. Players
who click on you will see your reputation rank for example; "Jack The Hated".

 Dreaded Lord/Lady:

 Dark Lord/Lady:

 The Hated:

 The Scum:

 The Disrespected:

 Neutral Title

 The Respectable:

 The Honorable:

 The Fameous:


 Great Lord/Lady:

 High Sir/Madam:

The game will tell you whenever your reputation lowers or raises. Players can pretty much control their reputation by going good things or bad things. Bad things lower your reputation and good things raise it. Here is a list over things that will raise your reputation: -Giving stuff to beggars (target beggar and select GIVE in inventory) -Killing creatures -Killing criminal players And here is a list over what will lower your reputation: -Killing players -Pickpocketing and get caught -Attacking guards More on reputation will come.