Era Online has currently four different races that can be played by players.
Here is a list over them and a little description about each of them. Each race has
their own architectual ways, they have different appearances, they act different
and their relationship with eachother is different.


The humans are the superior race in Menath. They are the first who came to 
Menath they are considered the largest of the races as well. Everyone are friends
with them except the Dark Elves. The Humans are sited on the main continent 
(Heedi-Raa*) and they own all the cities and villages on the main continent, other
than the two Haaki towns in the desert.


The Wood Elves are considered the most cultural of the races. They are a very
peaceful people and concentrate mostly the spirit and the nature. They are sworn
enemies with the Dark Elves, but they do not like fighting with them. The wood 
elves are sited on the Elven continent, on the northern part. 


The Dark Elves are the most hated race in Menath. They are followers of the evil
god of Bendarr and they are sited in the southern part of The Elven Continent
called The Wastelands. They are sworn enemies to the Wood Elves and the 
Humans, but they are neutral to the Haakis. The Dark Elves are always trying to
take over the throne of Menath and put their leader Kain Benwick there to no avail
yet however.


The Haakis are a very primitive race located in the Great Desert on the main
continent (Heedi-Raa*). They have only two settlements, the village of Denc, and
the city of Anon-Raa*. The Haakis are neutral to everyone and they do not care
very much about politics at all. The Haakis always have a special face paint in
their faces which symbols how their childhood was.
* Anon-Raa and Heedi-Raa was the real names for God Of Destruction, called
  Anon-Raa, and God Of Creation, called Heedi-Raa. These two gods are most
  commonly only named as God Of Destruction and God Of Creation, but the
  Haakis wish to use their real names. They named their capitol city Anon-Raa
  because they were afriad that the god would come back and show his wrath on
  them if not. Anon is old Haaki and means "fatal", Heedi means "life" and the
  word Raa, means "superior being."

Now lets look at the classes that is found troughout Menath ! The listed classes 
can be played by players, and there are NPC`s troughout the world that also are
of these classes. Here is a list and descriptions:


Warriors specialize in the art of battle. They are fighters by proffession and always
carry their sword and lance ready to fight for gold and for glory.


Healers are mainly against fighting and know how to make a nice pile of gold by 
healing less successful adventurers coming from home from advenures. Healers 
can also be very valuable in fights, where they can heal their friends while they 
fight. Healers are a member of the nature school of magic.


Clerics are also against fighting and are very much alike the healers in any ways.
But clerics also has a very high religion lore and can easily communicate with the 
gods. Clerics are a member of the nature school of magic.


Thieves dedicate their life to the roaming the streets and pickpocket any person
they think may carry a nice gold pile. Thieves also are fully capable of breaking 
into houses and rip it from its foundations while not weaking up a soul.


Knights are the noble fighters. Their good manners and figthing skills are a good 
mix. They are often hired by royals for important quests, like saving the princess 
from a dragon ! Paladins are a member of the enchanting school of magic.


Bandits are the pirates on land. They often attacks people on the roads and take 
everything they got and dissapear. Bandits are very hatred troughout Menath.


This is the classic lumberjacker and carpenter professions in one. They cut woods
and make nice wooden items of it like furniture and so on. 


Blacksmiths process ore and make nice weapons out of it. Quite simple. Quite 


Tailors take hides, clothes or fur and make nice clothing out of it to nobles or 
peasants or whoever. Very amusing profession and quite profitable.


Fishers do exactly what your thinking. They fish and sell their fish. This can be very 
valueable for adventurers wich need food fast.

Animal Taming

Animal Tamers dedicate their life to the wildlife. As an animal tamer you are 
specialized in taming animals of all kinds !


Merchants can be very charming and dangerous in the way that they can fool you
to buy anything from them. They often travel all over the land to sell and buy their 


The musicians and entertainers of Menath. These people can play any instrument
and make any dark place bright happy. They often earn quite a nice sum of gold 
on their plays. They travel all over the world !


Miners spend most of their lives in the mountains mining out ore to sell to the 


Pirates are also sailors but they use their sailing skills for the evil. They sail the 
seas and plunder and lives a drunk mans life. They bury down treasures on 
islands and often plunders harbors.


Hard to live without cooks. With a little food resources they can cook any kind of 
food ready to be served for themselves or maybe to the royal family ?


Assasin is very much alike the merchants only that their commodity is death. An 
assasin can have quite a long and lucrative career.


The wizard is the evil form for spellcasters. They can be VERY powerful, however
they don't handle weapons and armor very well. Wizards are a member of the 
destruction school of magic.


Druids base their entire life into the study of nature and the magic it beholds.
They are the friend of animals and some animals do not attack the druids.
Druids are a member of the nature school of magic.


Enchanters base their magic on summoning creatures, spirits and items.
They use their magic for the purpose of gaining. They are not very good
figthers but their magic can be VERY powerful. Enchanters are a member 
of the enchanting school of magic.