Troughout the world of Menath there will be server controlled characters in
the game, so called Non-Player-Characters (NPC). You can communicate with 
these, but not as a real player ofcourse. Most NPC`s are not attackable because
we need them there and we don`t want every tailor in the world being chased 
trough the streets by  players. Mostly these NPC`s will be there to trade with. Here
are commands you can use on NPC`s, be sure to target them first:

/HAIL                 = The NPC targeted will greet you back. If this is just a common
                              NPC who do not have any quests or other important information
                              then the NPC will just greet you commonly. However, if the NPC
                              has a quest, tips or something useful, the NPC will tell you so.
                              ALWAYS /HAIL a NPC, you never know what you may find.
/TRADE            = Will open up a trading window where you can sell and buy.
/HEAL               = If its a healer, the healer will heal fully if you got enough money.
/RESSURECT = Priest Of Life targeted will ressurect you.
/GOSSIP           = Your streetwise skill will kick in, and if sucessful the NPC will
                               give you some random gossip.

We call monsters and animals creatutes instead of NPC`s because we need
some term that seperate the groups.