Do you want to seek friends ? Do you want to advertise events you are holding
in the world ? Want to post rumors ? You can do it trough the messageboards !
All messageboards troughout Menath is connected so what you see on a board
in once city, is what you will see in another city. 

To read the messageboard, click on it. This will bring up a list of topics. Click 
any of them to read them. Now want to post your own post or reply to one ?
This is easy. Click to post a new post. This will bring up a little window. Type in
what topic in the little box and the post content in the bigger box. Remember
that you must never use any commas (,) cause that will cut the post right there.
When you are done, click on the Post button and it will be on the messageboard!

We monitor the board daily and any unappropiate behaviour will be struck
down on (read the Code Of Conduct section). We may suspend or even delete
characters if the code of conduct is broken. The board will also regularily be
wiped so it won`t be over crowded with posts.