The new Emperor and the Council are developing a totally new set of law and 
justice system. Here is a basic idea of the law system and a few paragraphs 
which you should take notice of before doing anything. 

Understand that the upholders of the law in Menath is the guards, and the royal 
army. The guards have their positions around in towns and villages, and are 
seldom seen outside these settlements. However, guards right outside 
cities/villages in crowded areas are a possobility. 

When a law is broken, the guards will handle it themselves or the offender will
be trailed before the council and the Emperor. This is mentioned in the para-
graphs. It does not depend on how serious the crime was, but how doubtful or
not the crime was and so on. Players that have commited a crime and who
have to be trailed before the Emperor and Council, will recive a e-mail from
Spotlight Studios, and will be asked to attend a trail in the game. If the player
are going to be executed, the player will also need to attend this and it will be
an event in the middle of the town just as in the middle ages. This is pure role
playing and nothing personal. Your player will die as in the normal way in Era
Online, and you will become a ghost and you can ressurect at a priest of life.
We only do this to create a certain roleplaying enviorment around it all. If the
player refuses to attend the trail, the player will become an outlaw and will be
constantly chased by the guards until he email Spotlight Studios and turns 
himself in for the trail. Again, this is pure roleplaying. Also, the player may be
fined (in game gold ofcourse, or equipment) which sometimes may hurt more
than dying ! We ask all players to role play to their best ability, cause this is
a fantasy RPG and we want to create a RPG enviorment more than anything.
If you are not to be trailed, and simply be marked as a criminal and guards will
hunt you down for this span of time, the game will tell you how long you will
be flagged criminal. For example, if you attack a person you will be flagged as
a criminal for 45 minutes,  and if you then kill another person, the new time will
be added to the current time left before unflagged as a criminal. 

Here is some aspects of the Menath law. A full Menath law book will be avaiable
as soon as the Emperor and the council is done with it. Where it is released 
and what price is unknown at this date. It will be announced however.

§1. Whoever which in words or act in anyway that can harm another persons 
       reputation or well being, that may result in that person loosing respect and
       status will be trailed before the Emperor and the council. Punishment is
       gold fine.

§2. Conning, swindling and other ways of fooling another person into trading an
       item or several items, will be trailed before the Emperor and the Council. The
       punishment for such an act, is gold fine. Evidences is gathered from chat 
       logs so all swindlers, be careful what you say !

§3. Killing/attacking another fellow inhabitant of the world (players), will be marked
      as a criminal for 45 minutes, and guards will kill on sight until the criminal flag
      is gone. Same goes for attacking guards.

§4. If you steal something from a fellow inhabitant of the world (players), and are
      cought, you will be marked as a criminal for 30 minutes and the guards will
      kill you on sight.