Here is a list over all the commands and keys used in Era Online. You should
print this out, case it will become very needed once you are in the game. You
should know all the keys and commands, cause if not, there will be alot of 
features that will not be avaiable for you once you are ingame.

CURSOR KEYS                                  = Move around
ESC                                                      = Open OPTIONS menu
CTRL                                                    = Start/end battlemode
ALT                                                       = Slash
TAB                                                      = Will evaluate target

\'name'  'message'                               = Will tell 'name' the 'message'
/Stats                                                     = Displays player`s raw stats
/QUIT                                                     = Log out
/BUG 'description'                                = Stores 'description' on server for us 
                                                                  to see. Use this when you find a bug.
/WHO                                                    = Display names of all players in world
/MEDITATE                                          = You will start regaining mana. Exit the
                                                                  trance by typing /MEDITATE again
/PLAYERS                                           = Find out how many players online
/HELP                                                   = Gives you soem chatting tips etc.
/DESC    'desc'                                    = Changes your description to 'desc'.
/TRADE                                                = Opens trade window with target NPC
/TRAIN                                                  = Opens traning window if target is a trainer
/PRAY                                                   = Pray to targeted priest/priestess
/DUEL                                                   = Goes into duel mode. Everyone can now
                                                                  kill you without becoming a criminal.
/HEAL                                                   = Target healer will heal you if enough gold
/RESSURECT                                     = Target Priest Of Life ressurects you
/HAIL                                                     = Target NPC may give you quest/info
/LOCK                                                   = Locks position (like door way to your
                                                                  house) if you have a lock. Locks are not
                                                                  items. Fantasia Studios will give you a
                                                                  a lock in memory when buying houses.
/UNLOCK                                              = Unlock it. You get one more lock again.
/DEPOSIT                                             = Target banker opens deposit window
/WITHDRAW                                        = Target banker opens withdraw window
/BALANCE                                           = Target banker says how much gold you
                                                                   have in the bank
/DONATE                                               = Target priest(ess) opens donate window
/GOSSIP                                                = Target NPC may give you some gossip
                                                                   if your streetwise skill is successful
/NEWS                                                   = Works just as /GOSSIP
/TAME                                                    = Try taming targeted creature
/DISCARD                                             = Discard ownership of your creature
/NAME 'name'                                       = Change your creatures name to 'name'
/STOP                                                    = Creature halts
/FOLLOW                                              = Creature starts following you again