Yes possesions is important in a fantasy world too. For some that is. There
are over 300 items (and we add more frequently !) in Era Online at this time. 
There are different item types. Some are only useable once such as food or drink,
while others are items you can wear or use repeatidly such as swords and 
clothing. Lets take a look at some different kinds of items.

First of all, to find information about an item, simply mark it in your inventory
and then right click and select EVALUATE.


Food are usable once. You USE them and they are stored for your character 
to eat when your character is hurt. This will restore your health. You will not heal
if you just got it in your inventory, you must USE the food first. Food and drink
can be bought from most provisioners and merchants and can also be found
in the wilderness. Also by killing creatures, you can find food and drink. Some
food need to be cooked before its eatable, for example meat. Simply USE the
meat and then click on a camp fire to roast it.


You can equip weapons by simply USING them. They will show in your hand
and your hit points will go up depending on how much hit points the weapon
give. Weapons can be bought from blacksmiths and various other shopkeepers.


Works just as weapons, only it raise your defence instead of hit. Shields can
be bought from armorers mostly.


Artifacts are special items which cannot be explained. They can give the carrier
special powers for example. There are only one of each artifact in the entire
Menath and thats what make them so valuable !

Various Others

There are a bunch of other items too. Fishing rods, lumberjacking axes,
drawings etc. Its very self explanatory how they work, but learning is a part
of the RPG experience !