Era Online is a difficult, easy, complex and newbie friendly game. Yes all
of that actually. Somethings will be easy and self-explanatory, while other things
may be difficult to understand. I have tried to make this manual as detailed as 
possible, but i tried to keep myself clear and see it from a beginners point of view.
Everything you need, and more, can be found in this manual and each section 
which you can see on the left here, contains alot of information about what the 
button says. At the bottom of the sidebar you will find sections that contains more
information about the world and what it contains. The Era Online Manual can never
be complete cause we add to the game constantly. I know alot of developers go
out and tell everyone that they are always adding stuff, but not many actually do so.
We, The Era Online Development Team, really do so. We love what we are doing.
As you know, Era Online is free to play so we do not do it for the money. We do it
because we like working on it and we love making people happy. Thats why we
always host events in the game world, we always add new land areas, new items,
new quests, new creatures and more. We will update the manual now and then if
we need to and we will keep everyone posted about that on our news section on
our web site ( Now, we are always avaible to help you. Trough
our email addresses (see the Contacting Us Section), and trough the game. If you
are stuck, or want some help, press ESC in the game and select to contact a GM.
GM is short for GameMasters, and they are there to help players, make events 
and generally make the players stay a pleasant one. We cannot guarantee that 
there are gamemasters online at all times, and sometimes it may take a while 
before someone can come and help you. We need you to be patient while waiting.
As said, you can reach us trough our e-mail supports too, but please search the
manual for the answer to your questions before mailing. Questions like "How do i
open my backpack ?" and "How do i attack someone ?", are all mentioned in the
manual and if we have to answer dozens of mails containing such questions, we
will be too busy to do anything. So please, we are always there to help you, but try
finding the answer in the manual first or ask another player in the game. 
Now are you ready ? Just remember, there is alot you must find out yourself too
in the game world but this manual will help you a fairly long way on journey in
understanding Era Online.Then lets look deeper into Era Online and how it work !
I hope everybody will understand my explanations. I will try the best i can !

PS: For more information about the world itself. The inhabitants, the descriptions
of the places etc, go to the IMPERIAL LIBERARY section of our web site.

Erling Ellingsen
Era Online Owner & Project Leader

Finally, excuse any typing errors in this manual. As many know, english is not
my mother tongue, and i have not had the chance to spell check this manual yet.