Troughout your stay in Menath, you will probably want to interact with other
players as well. The word "interacting" can mean so much. It basically mean what
two or more people are doing for or at eachother. Lets look into chatting.

When you want to say something you simply type it in and press ENTER (Return).
Everyone on your screen will see what you said in the little window at the bottom
of your screen. Now, maybe you want to shout something that players out of your
screen will see too ? Simply make a "-" infront of you want to shout, for example;
"-can anyone hear me?".  Do you want to whisper something to another person ?
This is easy too ! If you want only one person to hear something, simply type a 
"\" and then the persons name and then the message, like this for example:
"\Jack Hello !", and Jack will now see this. 

Now there is a last way to express yourself in Era Online. Emoting ! Lets say you 
want to express that the apple you just ate was not very good, but you dont want
to actually say it wasn`t good. Simply type a colon (:) infront of your message.
For example; ":did not like that apple !" and if your name is, lets say John, other
players in your area will see; "John did not like that apple !". Or lets take another
example. Lets say you type ":begin whisteling a melody" and all the players in
your area will see; "John begin whisteling a melody".