First of all, make sure you have downloaded Era Online from our web site at where it can be found in the download section. Once you have
downloaded the zip file there,unzip it using WinZip into any directory of your choice.
Now there will a Setup.Exe file in the directory.

         Click Setup.Exe and follow the instructions on screen.  Now, go to the directory you installed 
to and simply run Era Online ! The game can also be run from the start menu now.

         If you are having problems running the game, read the Troubleshooting.txt
found in the DOCS directory. If you still cannot fix your problem, mail the support
e-mail address found in the Contact Us section of this manual. Also, be sure your
system meets these requierments:

Pentium 166
16 Ram
50 Mb Free Disk Space
800x600 Screen Resolution
16 Bit Color 
14.400 BPS Modem
Windows 95/98 or higher
Directx 6.0 or higher

The game could work with specifications lower than this, but even with these
specifications, the game will run slow and may seem choppy. We strongly
recommend atleast this system:

Pentium 266
32 Ram
100 Mb Free Disk Space
28.800 Modem

The game has proven to sometimes not work on Cyrix Processors. We do not 
know why, and we have no idea how to fix this. So if the game won`t run with your
Cyrix Processor, we cannot help you.