As any other RPG, Era Online is about developing your character and
be proud of the work. However, Era Online discourage power gaming to the
fullest. We have made several systems that will make the roleplaying experience
better. We dont want people only playing for the simple reason; "Only 100 more
experience and im level 8 !". Thats why there is no level system in Era Online.

However players gain experience to develop the character. Everytime your
experience pool reach a certain level, your health, mana and stamina goes up.
You also get 5 training points which you can use at a professional trainer*.

* When you have training points, go seek a Professional Trainer , target him
   and type /TRAIN and a training window will appear. Click on the skill number
   you want to raise and you will use a training point on this skill. Skills will also
   improve by repeated use, but ONLY when the skill has 10 or more points.
   If you have bellow 10 points in the skill, you must use training points to 
   improve the skill.

How do you gain experience ? You gain experience from doing almost everything.
When you kill stuff you gain experience. When you use skills you gain experience.
When you make stuff (tailoring, carpenting,blacksmithing,lumberjacking etc.) you
gain experience. Note that killing stuff is where you get most experience, but we
hope that players will also make stuff and use skills to gain experience instead of
kill kill kill. We don`t want the game to be hack n` slash only. 

Now, improving your character isn`t just about raising your stats and skills ! 
Reputation for example, is also an important thing to improve as you play. 
Read the Reputation section for more information about this. How you look is
also important. No one will have any respect for someone dressed in the 
beginning blue shirt and brown pants ! There is lots of armor, clothing and
weapons to buy. As you can afford it, try getting better and better equipment.
Remember, not all classes can use all equipment. Equipment is class oriented.
Also, weapons, shields and body armor requiers a certain amount of health
to wear. So you got to build yourself up if you want to wear that smashing 
Paladin Armor ! Also, by time maybe you can afford a house ! And if you can
afford a house why dont you buy one ? And then you can start a real organisation
or guild and use the house as a HQ. Why dont you get alot of followers and build
up an army and take over the entire world ? We won`t stop you ! Afterall, this
is a real world !