When you have enough gold to buya house, go to an architect and
buy a house deed. Read it and it will tell you what to do. It will tell you to find 
the location where you want the house to be, register the coordinates and 
then mail us. We will then place the house for you. You will recive a mail back
saying this:

Congratulations !


You just got yourself a house in Era Online ! The house has been
put where you wanted it at map --, X --, Y --. The house deed has
been removed from your inventory as well. Enjoy your new house !


You have now one lock to spend. This lock is not in your inventory.
To lock your house, stand in the door, and type /LOCK. No one else
than yourself may walk trough the door now. To unlock the door, stand
in the door and type /UNLOCK. Anyone may now walk trough the door.
There is no physical key in your inventory. For now, other players
is not able to lockpick your door, so you are totally safe for now.


Forever ! The house will stay there forever. Note however, that if
your character that bought the house is erased for various reasons,
the house may be erased too. However, we do not have time limits like
in Ultima Online, so you can be away from your house as long as you


This is not possible in Era Online. If you want others to be able
to access your house, you will either have to keep it unlocked, or
you will have to unlock it for them.


Here is where you will find total freedom ! You can either buy 
furniture at a wood worker, or you can make your own. Just place
the furniture in your house as any other normal object. Furniture
can be picked up again, so be careful who you let into your house !
You can also store objects in your house by placing them anywhere
you want inside your house. The objects will stay there until
someone pick them up again.


You can buy signs at a wood worker. When you
drop a sign, you cannot pick it up again, so be sure where you want
the sign to be, before dropping it. Once dropped, click on it to
change its text. The sign will stay there forever, and everyone who
click on the sign will see what you typed. This is great for guild
signs, and signs outside your home etc.

Feel free to buy more houses if you can afford it ! Start your own
city if you want to ! Everything is possible in Era Online ! Enjoy !

Era Online Development Team

Houses are very expensive. This is unfortunate but we have to make them 
expensive. We cannot have 10 000 player houses fill the world. The smallest
house you can buy, is about 100 000 gold. We really want to make houses,
something everyone can own. This may be possible in the future. This would
make players more bound to the world, they will get a better feeling of being a
part of the world. We will lower the house prices by time, so everyone can 
achive a house.