Menath has always been a place of changes. A place of dreams and hopes.
A place of war and dispair. A flexible world wich never seems to stop amazing 
people. People come and go, so does time. However, the world don`t. Before 
recorded times. Even that which is written in the anicent chronicles, there was a 
barren plane. No life. No joy. No dispair. There was winds in the sky and currents in
the ocean. However the land was barren, cold, deserted. Then the god of creation 
came by the world of Menath. The god created desert in the south with small oases
in some areas, snow and mountains in the north and  jungles,swamps and forrests 
in between. This was before time known to mankind because mankind was not
	After many eras, god of creation was bored by his creation and was thinking 
of a way to make it better. Then he made life in the sea. Under the deep vortex 
came life. Fish and other non-intelligent lifeforms began taking shape. But the god
where not pleased. Soon he began creating life on land. Animals of all kinds began
roaming the landscape. The sound of parrots in the jungle, the sound of snakes in 
the desert and the sound of wolves in the north created a land wich he was pleased
with. He liked his creation and named the world Menath. 
	But then something unpredictable happened. Evil hordes of mutated animals 
began cluttering the terrain. They developed a intelligence. They could think. They 
began slaying other aminals at sometimes and destroying the landscape. 
Something had to be done. Then god of creation made the humans. He shaped 
them to his liking and he sat them on earth with a good intelligence and to rule over
the world and the monsters within it. He was proud of his work as humans began 
creating villages. They began hunting and often slaying monsters. They become 
more intelligent. Soon humans where to be found almost all over Menath`s main 
continent. But the god of creation began getting greedy. He soon created another 
race. The Wood Elves. He placed them on a seperate continent. They learned the 
primitive way of life and they looked somewhat different than humans. With long 
sharp ears and more agility they began ruling the other continent in Menath. These
two races did not know of eachother yet. 
	Then it happened. God of destruction came to god of creations world. He 
became jealous and created a new race wich was pure evil. The Dark Elves. He 
places them south of the Wood Elves. Now the god of creation became greedier. 
God of evils race had to be eliminated. Now he created two new races. The Haakis
and Dwarves. He placed the dwarves in the north and the Haakis in south. There
could not be more races now. Soon the Wood Elves and Dark Elves met and 
fought a fierce war. Not about territory but about the right to exist. Then the humans 
came into the picture with their huge legions and their knowledge about the land. 
They managed to split the foes from eachother but the Wood Elves and Dark Elves 
never became real friends. They are still angry at eachother but non of the parts 
wish to call themselves foes. 
	When god of destruction saw this he became angry and left the world of 
Menath behind. He did not want anything to do with the world. When he could not 
own it he didn`t wanted to be there, so he left the world and god of creation 
became happy. Now the life on Menath became flourishing. The races met 
eachother, and hailed one and another with a friendly smile. However, the Dark 
Elves did not quite enjoy the happy atmosphere and soon withdrawed themselves 
back to the barren wastelands. 
	But the god of creation became bored. He made the Haaki and Dwarven
race fight a bloody battle but once again the humans came to the worlds rescure 
and they all became friends again. However they have always tried to rank 
eachother down.Then one day god of creation did not want more to do with Menath.
He made five new gods to rule the world. He did not grant them that many powers 
but they where still gods and far too good to walk the lands of Menath. First he 
created the female godess of Hyliios. She was to be the godess love and peace. 
Then he created the male god of Bendarr which was to be the god of war and evil. 
Then the male god of
Griigo. He was to be the god of logic and wisdom. Then he created the female 
godess of Veega whcih was to be the godess of birth and death. Then last he 
created the male god of Zeendic. He was to be the god of work and commerce. 
They all have seperate  passions and work. They do not battle between eachother 
and respect eachother. However, Bendarr is always the one causing trouble in 
Menath. When ever there is a storm, it is Bendarr being angry at one of the other 
gods and godesses. 
	Now god of creation is long gone and the five new gods controls life
in Menath. But the mankind of Menath wanted a leader. A leader which could rule
entire Menath. A ruler which ruled over the leaders of each race. Then the Emperor
was given the throne of Menath. He was of the human race, since the humans had
been the ones behind peace in Menath. They built a gloius palace in CasteFall and
there was joy troughout the land. But not everyone was happy. The Dark Elves 
wanted one of their own people to be emperor. Many has suggested the known evil 
dark elf necromancer know as Kain Benwick. If the dark elves will suceed in getting 
the throne is yet to see. They have tried many times but never made it. The other 
races of Menath laughs of them and the dark elves swear to get vengance from 
their barren wastelands. As said, Menath has always been a place of changes. 
Life will never be static and new things is discovered everyday. People with 
ambitions roam the land in search of riches. Bards travel the land to offer their 
entertainment. Knights try figthing the evil of the lands and many other people goes 
other ways. Its a changing world. Menath has now reached the end of the second 
era of its existence. The third era is about to begin. Steady we stand in together all 
over Menath. From the snowy norths, to the dry deserts. From the white dwarves to 
the black dark elves. Races is living their lives. Simply exicting in the world. Politics 
changing everyday. What will we meet in the future ? How will life be in a hundred 
years from now ? Steady we stand when the sun rises up. Steady we stand in the 
dawn.  The dawn of a new age. The dawn of a new age of hopes and dreams. 
The dawn of a new era...