Sooner or later you will find yourself hurt. There are numerous ways to heal 
yourself. The most social way is to build a camp fire, or find another camp fire and
sit around it. You will gradually heal yourself by sitting with the camp fire. Also, 
what can be more nice than a bunch of adventurers sitting by the camp fire while
they recover themselves ?

PS! When it rains, you will loose stamina slowly unless you have clothing that
can take rain or you are in a house. To find out if a piece of clothing or armor 
can take rain, EVALUATE it in your backpack and it will tell you if it can take 
rain. You will not loose stamina while raining if you are in a house. If you find
yourself without any stamina left, your health will begin slowly dropping. You will
not die cause if the health drop bellow 3 it will stop, but don`t expect to be ready
for battle at that time ! It is recommended that you have waterproof clothing 
when going out adventuring.

The second way to heal yourself is to apply bandaging. Buy bandage from a
shopkeeper (healers, merchants and provisioners often have), target whom you
want to heal (yourself maybe ?) and then USE the bandage and the target will
regain a certain amount of health. Your Healing skill will now kick in, and the better
healing skill you have, the faster it goes.

The third way to recover health is to eat or drink. By USING food or drink, the
food/drink storage will fill up in your character. This can be seen in the character
sheet. Your character will then sometimes eat/drink and heal by himself. The
character will NOT eat or drink any food or drink directly from your backpack. You
have to USE it first, and your character will put the food/drink in the storage.
Your character will as said, eat/drink at a steady interval if you are not fully healed.

The fourth way is to find a healer. A healer will heal you fully and the amount it
costs is determined by how good your character are. Beginners pay 50 gold to
be fully healed, after your first stat raise you pay 60, after your second stat raise
you pay 70 and so on until your stats have raised 30 times. From there on, it
will cost you the steady amount of 350 gold to fully heal. To make a healer heal
you, find one, target him and type /HEAL

You will also loose mana when you cast spells. When you want to recover mana,
simply type /MEDITATE and you will start regaining mana. The better meditation
skill you have, the faster it goes. You cannot move while in the meditation trance,
so to snap out of the trance, type /MEDITATE again.