"Oh no ! What do I do!?". Its a common phrase in any online game. Well,
Game Masters, or GM`s as they are commonly called, are there to help. The
Game Masters have super powers within the game, and uses them in the best
way possible to make the players stay in Era Online a pleasant and problem
free one. How much do they interfere with the game you ask ?

Game Masters have many rules and restrictions which they must follow, or they
will be ejected from the game as a Game Master. Game Masters are not allowed
to do any form of favors to any player, and they are not allowed to argue, take 
sides or anyway interact with the game world that may affect other players. Game 
Masters are however, a part of the Menath government. They are a part of the 
council. So Game Masters in Era Online are roleplaying figures, as well as super
natural helpers. When clicking on a game master, it will say "(Game Master").
Game Masters has the ability to create quests and events, morph into any
shape, change their statestics, teleport, create objects, warp NPC`s and so on.
However, they are mostly there to help YOU, the player.

"Help ! IM STUCK !". Fear not ! Contact a game master right away, and the
problem will be solved ASAP. To contact a game master, press ESC during
the game, and a menu will pop up. Select Contact Game Master. You will now
type in a description of the problem, and SEND the message. Your help note
will then be added to a que, which the game masters monitors all the time. A
game master will assist you as soon as one are avaiable. 

NOTE! If you call on a GM for a reason other than you having problems, need
help or advice or anything like that, the game masters may kick or ban you from
the game. Game Masters may not be abused in any way. Do not send messages
more than once ! We do get it ! You are added to the que ! You may neither 
insult or in any way verbally attack a game master. If so, the game master have
the full right and power to ban you from the game, which will result in you not being
able to log onto Era Online until the ban is removed. We hate to do this, but we 
cannot have trouble makers in Era Online. It ruins everything, for everyone.
If you have a complain about the game, DO NOT contact game masters. You
got to use the /BUG command. Type /BUG and then description of the complaint
or encountered bug and press enter. We, Fantasia Studios, will then recive it
right away and it will be saved on the game server for us to view.