So your a ghost ? Well welcome to the other side ! Once your health goes down
to 0 you will die. When you die you become a ghost and you lose the following:

1/6 of your experience if you are over level 3
1/5 of your gold if you are over level 5 and have more than 300 gold
1 random item from your inventory
All stored food and drink

Note that the gold and the random item will lie beside your character. If it falls
into the water or something like that, you will not be able to recover it though.
As you can see, the penalties for dying isn`t that strict. We don`t want to punish
the players too much when dying. How do you get back to life ? Easy, find a
Priest Of Life, target him and type /RESSURECT and you will be brought back
to life. It dosn`t cost a thing. Another way to do it, is to achive the Ressurection
Spell and cast it on yourself. If you don`t got it, ask someone else if they can
ressurect you.

Whats the thing with ghosts ? Ghosts cannot do anything other than move around.
You cannot manipulate the enviorment (use stuff, pick up stuff) or stuff like that.
And if you try to speak to someone, all they will see is "OooOOo ooOOO ooo".