We do not have a phone help line (atleast not yet), but we are always here to
help or answer any of your questions troughout our email system. Here are the
different email addresses to the different Fantasia Studios divisions:
Administration: admin@eraonline.net Technical Support/Gameplay Support: support@eraonline.net General Question: general@eraonline.net
You can also try out UNDERNET IRC chat room ! More and more people find
themselves the way to our chatroom called #EraOnline and if you got any
questions or problems, you can ask anyone here. Also, most of the Era Online
staff are to be found here commonly and questions and suggestions are warmly
welcomed. To log onto our IRC chat room do the following:

1. Download mIRC from www.mirc.com 

2. Install it and open it.

3. Log on to any UNDERNET server found in the server list.

4. Select an appropiate nickname (non offensive ones only) and connect.

5. Once connected to the server, type /JOIN #ERAONLINE into the status

6. Welcome !