Combat is a fact of life for most inhabitants of Menath. Fighting can be
relatively easy, but choose your foe cleverely ! Once you have found a foe you 
want to slay go into battle mode by pressing CTRL.

Now move up to the foe and face him. Press ALT to slash away on him. Note
that if this was a player, you will become a criminal if your victim was not in
duel more or was not a criminal. You can feely kill criminal players. Criminal
players have red names when you click on them. 

To access informatiom about your foe while fighting, target your foe and press
the TAB key.

Lets say this was a troll. You will slash at the troll and your swordmanship skill
will calculate out if you hit the troll or not. If you sucessfully hit, the damage will
be caluclate out on how good defence the monster had and how much hit you
can do (your hit rate is decided by what weapon you have equipped and what
your hit rating are without weapons. Type /STATS to find out your hit rating).
Once the troll is dead, you its items will lie around him. Pick it up and sell it
or whatever you want to do with it.

If you are hiding (open skill book and click on the diamond infront of your
hiding skill), the computer foes will not notice you. However, players may
seek you out and find you, but if you run away from them and hide, they are
most likely not to find you.

If you die, you become a ghost. See the Death section for this.

Once you are done fighting, press CTRL again to go out of battlemode.