Sooner or later you want to store some of your gold away. This can be very smart,
cause you will not lose any gold the gold you have in the bank when you die.
Cause if you die, you will only lose 1/5 of the gold your character has on him/her. 
How do you stash away gold ?

Every character has their own bank account in Menath. You can deposit gold to
it by finding a banker, target the banker and then type /DEPOSIT. This will bring 
up a screen where you can type in how much you want to deposit.To withdraw 
money from the bank, simply target the banker and type /WITHDRAW and just 
as the depositing, a window will pop up where you got to type in how much gold 
you want to take out from the bank. How do you know how much gold you have
in the bank ? Simply target the banker and type /BALANCE and the banker will
tell you how much you got in the bank.

All banks in Menath are connected so if you deposit gold in one city, you can
withdraw them in another. And ofcourse vice versa.